Monday, January 10, 2011

Spicy Mexican Mess

My new years resolutions are many, and to that end I must adapt accordingly on the habits front. Weekends, in particular, need a behavioural overhaul. I was getting a bit bored of my slovenly ways of a Saturday and Sunday mornings anyhow. It went a little something like: get up 8 or 9ish, go to the shop for the paper and something thoroughly unhealthy, then return to bed with aforementioned purchases and a pot of coffee for about two hours while listening to Playback/G Lee/Miriam/Marion. I used to really enjoy the laziness and the catch-uppage on radio/newsiness/reading, but, as with so many of my little ways, the novelty has passed and I am ready to change. This year I plan on upping the ante on the triathlon and marathon front, so Saturday and Sunday mornings will now be the preserve of big long swims and runs. This weekend I managed to get out for a swim on both Saturday and Sunday morning, and I upped my distance from 80 lengths (2k) to 100 lengths (2.5k). Y'know what that means? Yup, you guessed it, joy of joys - MORE FOOD!!!! 

Of course, another NY ressie is to take a long hard look at my diet (well, insofar as my teeny tiny attention span can take it) and make sure that I am eating the kind of foods that a responsible adult who does the amount of exercise that I do should be eating. In with the spuds, then. Bright veggies are always desirable, exercise or no exercise, and since I'm burning a fair few calories, I'm allowed a generous dose of calories - but my aim is to get them from more nutritious sources than packets and slabs of choccie. So, when I was looking for a brunchy-type affair (early rising and exercising are not conducive to exciting dishes, so the fun munchies have to wait until the afternoon), some sort of egg-y Mexican-style concoction was what I decided to aim for. 

Part of the reason that I settled on this choice of meal was because Scabby-Doo here found a packet of avocados at half price in the shop (2 for €1.50), that just happened to be precisely the right level of ripeness. I also had a load of limes in a bowl, and it kills me to throw things out. Guacamole beckoned, but. more importantly, so did all of those lovely essential fats. 

Whenever Forrest Gump was yakking on about peas and carrots, I really do think that he should have been saying salsa and guacamole. They are such beautiful companions, it seems cruel to have one without the other. And whenever I think of my favourite, healthy, brightly-coloured veggies, tomatoes would probably be the number one. Combined with one of my favourite things ever - chilli - and my favourite herb - coriander - and salsa is just one of the most beautiful substances on earth. It's on the old the-stuff-from-a-jar-is-unbelievably-inferior list. The fresh stuff is a total joy, not to mention stunningly healthy.

Now, while I was going for a Mexican sorta huevos rancheros-y vibe with this one, I wasn't up for eating corn tortillas - but I have a big bag of spuds hanging out in the corner of my kitchen that is looking to be eaten, and as potatoes are perfect exercise food, I hit on fried potatoes as a fitting alternative.

Crack in a couple of eggs, and there's all the ingredients for a perfect brunch right there.

Pals, getting together on a plate, ready to be devoured by me after a lovely long swim.

And thanks to the eternal loveliness that is leftovers, I got to do it all over again today for lunch. I decided to go down a slightly healthier route on this occasion though, opting for baked potatoes and poached eggs rather than the buttery fried version of that combo that I had at the weekend.

Protein? Check. Carbs? Check. High veggie count? Check. Flavour and spice? Check. My new years resolutions are proving to be both easy and tasty.

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