Monday, January 3, 2011

It Had To Be Scramblers

The last lazy, indulgent breakfast of  a lazy, indulgent Christmas holiday. But what to have? Such an important decision. It had to be comforting and satisfying and flavoursome; it could only be scramblers. Since I can never leave anything alone, I needed to add something vegetable-y and nutritional, and, unable to resist a little spice, I felt that the hour of day (a fittingly holidayishly late morning time that I can't divulge for reasons of pride and...oh alright, it was half twelve) justified some heat.

It had to be speedy though. Out with the pan, and in with some gladdeningly heat-radiating tomatoes and a red chilli.

Two of my favourite spices - any excuse. I have to say I was pretty happy to use up the end of that ground cumin - I hate any reminder of a trip to Tesco, and the packaging on that jar has been glaring accusingly at me form the spice rack for far too long.

And it all harmonises into a creamy late breakfast squidge, the perfect way to send off the holidays.

Scooped on to hot buttered toast, sprinkled with salt, and consumed without having to check the clock or rush the pleasure in any way.

Au revoir, les vacances.

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