Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fire In Mah Belly

Ok, so I was an ickle wickle bit bold last night and had a teeny weeny bit too much vino. And then I went to see Black Swan this evening and it left me a tad traumatised. And then I came up with at least three other reasons why I deserved to order  take-away for dinner this evening. My absolute numero uno is Namaste in Smithfield, it is top notch, and it never takes them much more than half an hour to get here. There is even a rumour flying round that it's where the Indian Embassy get their takeout from. Either which way, every now and then I like to set myself on fire with a little chicken vindaloo and pilau rice. 


  1. I have a yen on me for their chicken saag now - such a local gem!

  2. Aren't they just amazing? So so friendly too. I love the way that their set-up consists of a wee counter and a very visible kitchen. I used to get Bombay Pantry the whole time, but the quality of Namaste just blows them out of the water.