Sunday, January 16, 2011

Porridge Topping O' Boldness

I was trying to get myself out the door to the swimming pool yesterday morning (I really am such a slowcoach when it comes to leaving the house) and I discovered that I had no fruit to put on my porridge. Quelle désastre! Always on the lookout for the opportunity to indulge myself, I remembered that I had the end of a packet of pecans in the cupboard and a big jar of maple syrup in the fridge. Now, I  wouldn't go for this high-calorie, teeth-rotting combo ordinarily, but it made a lovely Saturday morning treat. I toasted the nuts very quickly on a non-stick pan, and I was very liberal in my pouring of the syrup. Anyhow, surely pecans have all the virtuous oils that all the other nuts have? Or was it at the back of the queue when the nutritional qualities were being given out? Plus, I believe that there is actually a great deal of calcium in maple syrup. I did a monster swim in any case, so I definitely needed all of that energy. 

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