Thursday, January 6, 2011

My New Favourite Fixx

I love to steal a little time to myself to sneak away to a coffee shop with a big fat book, curl up in a corner with coffee and a treat and while away a big chunk of time indulging myself with my caffeine, sugar fix and fiction. There's quite a dearth of places in Dublin where I really want to do that, though. Much as I try to hate Starbucks, they really offer all the necessities for this most innocent of illicit activities: comfy chairs, large mugs of coffee (albeit really lame coffee), no-one bothering you about the fact that you've been there for two hours hogging a huge chair despite not actually spending that much money there. Also, I have on occasion curled up on sofas in the Westin and the Westbury. But none of them have felt quite so right as my new favourite, Fixx on Dawson Street. It has everything: fab coffee (sorely lacking in the other three), delicious food, room and comfort to veg out with a book, lovely staff, and the unique buzz of an independent Irish business. Check it out.

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