Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bulghur Lovin, Havin Me A Blast

There is a packet of bulgur wheat burning a metaphorical hole in my metaphorical pocket right now. There is also new cookbook on my shelf that needs to justify its existence. And so I spent some time leafing through it with  packet of sticky tabs on the sofa at the weekend looking for bits and bobs that would make for no-hassle midweek eating.  This has to include lunches, so I always have my eye out for handy healthy salads. Now I reeeeeeeeally shouldn't admit to having to use a recipe to make tabbouleh, but I always like to double check recipes even when they seem simple, just so I don't leave out a crucial ingredient. Plus I am not particularly amazing at remembering recipes. Anyhow, I haven't made tabbloueh in quite some time, and any time I have made it before I have used cous cous instead of bulghur, so I felt that I needed a little guidance.

Tabbouleh is a summery sort of salad, and quite frankly these grey days could use an injection of culinary sunniness. The flavours are fresh and vibrant, it's a breeze to make and it's handy as anything to pop into a lunchbox. The textures are delightful as well - the grains and the watery cucumber and the juicy tomatoes - it makes a brilliant side dish, and the mintyness lends itself well to lamb.

While the bughur is soaking, it's chippity-chop with some tomatoes, spring onions and cucumber.

Cumin is toasted on a non-stick pan for extra toastiness. Now - this is why it's good to read recipes even though you feel you may know it inside out - I haven't added cumin to tabbouleh before, and it adds quite a crispy touch.

Add lemon juice and olive oil to dress.

Lil trip out to the garden for some mint and parsley to finish it off.

Et voilá! See, couldn't be easier. Really handy to have in the fridge on standby for when you get the munchies. 


  1. Im not just saying this BUT I will make this tonight. I need more healthy salady recipes up my sleeve and forgot about poor old tabbouleh! I'm the same about bags of lentils/pulses in the cupboard. I always feel so guilty seeing them plonked on the shelf. Thanks Eimear!x

  2. Enjoy, Lilly...only here's a tip: DON'T over-congratulate yourself on eating a healthy salad by eating the best part of a packet of McVities chocolate caramel digestives...ahem...x