Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh My.

I am pretty poor right now and can rarely afford or justify treats, so when brother number four texted to tell me that brother number three (who lives in New York and will be going on a jaunt to South America for Christmas) had ordered a Sheridans cheese hamper for me and it was waiting to be collected in their shop on South Anne Street I nearly combusted. To say I practically skipped home; my fellow Luas passengers were probably wondering what the girl who was exuding a serious stink was so happy about. I nearly broke the door down when I got home so that I could jam it in to open the very lovely crate and see what lovelies were lying in wait. And here it is: a box full of amazingness. I cannot describe how happy this very unexpected gift has made me. Watch out cholesterol, here come the cheeses!

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