Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gettin Down 'n' Dirty With The Mr Muscle In My Marigolds

Lest you think it's all scoffing of fancy cheese and cooing over cookbooks here chez eatsalot, I'd like to dispell such notions. No, it's not a hive of foodie glamour round these parts at all, at all. This evening, for example, I gave myself a right old headache scrubbing out the oven with some hardcore cleaning products. Because she who eats a lot cooks a lot, but doesn't clean a lot and had to seriously scour a lot to take off the dirt of the past year. My first new year's resolution is to clean the oven more often, in order to avoid the bicep-busting action that took place in my kitchen this evening. Though I was most impressed by my ability to remove the oven door, remove the glass, clean it and replace it without breaking a thing - no mean feat for this uber-klutz, I assure you.

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