Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Dose Of Visual Vitamin C

I'm feeling rather under the weather at the moment, and more than a little sorry for myself, so I'm dosing up on all sorts of comforts - mostly soups and vitamin c in all forms possible. And while a good dose of curry is welcome at any time, I find it particularly hits the spot when I'm run down. That, among other reasons, is why I was drawn to the warm and welcoming beauty of these books in the Winding Stair bookshop on the quays in Dublin.

I mean, how could you walk past this radiant beauty? The draw of the spicy loveliness of a Madhur Jaffrey book and the promise of a trove of Café Leon recipes was too much for me, and I had to go in, even though I am supposed to have a bit of a ban on going into bookshops, as I can't go into one without buying things.

It was all a bit too much for my greedy little eyes; you can't beat the feeling in an independent bookstore - they have a very distinctive and individual personality, and they lack that generic, frantic atmosphere that you find in the chain stores with their shrieking stickers and predictable selection. The intrigue of this Indian cookbook in its little bag! I had to go to another part of the shop...
...but even away from the books I am not safe in a bookshop, as my love of stationery is equally bank balance-endangering. And what did I see only 2011 Charlie Harper calendar! I turned around and walked very quickly out of the shop. Though I will admit, I am contemplating a return visit.

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