Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday night curry love-in

I am pretty boring: I really love staying in and eating something tasty in front of the fire, watching a movie or playing Scrabble. Since I had a teeny bit too much vino with dinner last night, and also since the month of December is going to be a bit hectic, I was more than happy to spend Saturday night on the sofa.

There is nothing that says home to me quite like dinner on the hob in my cosy little kitchen. Bonus points if dinner is curry! I got Nigella's Kitchen book a couple of weeks ago, and it's covered in tabs marking the recipes I want to try out. Tonight I gave the tomato curry with coconut rice a ago.

I figure lots of lovely fresh, bright veggies will redeem me after the major amounts of dessert and red wine that I consumed last night.

I was just about able to keep a handle on proceedings, and even in my slightly stupid state it was easy peasy and ready in half an hour. Sweet.


...mmmmmmmmm...repeat to fade...

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