Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hanging in the A.M.

I love Saturday mornings. I'm an early riser - even if I only went to bed at 5.30am, I'll still wake automatically at 7.30am. Saturday morning is usually my morning for a big long run in the Phoenix Park, but I have a foot injury at the moment, and my physio told me to ease off on the running for a while (which is driving me a little crackers, I must admit). Anyhow, out I trot into a fresh smattering of snow, and I stocked up on brekkie food in Superquinn - an everything bagel, a tub of cream cheese, the Irish Times and, em, a Christmas tree. Anyhow - after getting myself stocked up and sorted I got back into my PJs (ginormous XXL PJs from Old Navy, snuggliest ever) and this is where I plan on staying for, well, as long as I feel like, frankly!

On my bed I have: 2 duvets, 7 pillows and 4 blankets. And yes, there is an entire half tub of cream cheese on that bagel.

There is nothing like the freshness of the light on a snowy morning.


  1. Eimear, that all looks like utter utter weekend bliss! :) xx

  2. Well if it isn't the loveliest Scandi of them all! Oh it was total bliss - if rather self indulgent! Sounds like you and Nahla had a very blissful morning as well, judging by your Facebook status! Let me know if you fancy a coffee while you're home xxx