Friday, November 26, 2010

Bleary-eyed blueberries

I don't know if you noticed the time of my last post, but it was rather late. And I have to leg it over to Dorset Street for a training course so I need to be punctual this morning. I can never understand people who don't eat breakfast. Or, even more mystifying, people who forget to eat - WHAT?! I don't think I have ever forgotten to eat in my life. And I think that even if I forget, everyone else would very quickly remember, as I turn into a total bear if I don't get fed every three to four hours. So, I get into the habit of eating a particular breakfast, which, these days, is muesli, Glenisk natural yogurt and blueberries.

Right now, however, I suspect I am going to be late, and I really shouldn't be sitting around here taking photographs of my breakfast. Bíodh lá maith agaibh.

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