Friday, March 11, 2011


It's Friday, I have tons to do, I'll be slaving away for the weekend and, in fact, weeks to come. This means that my spending will be curtailed. I was a very good girl and went to the pool and spinning class this afternoon, ignoring all of the excuses that sprang up left, right and centre in the hours preceding my sportiness. Can you see what I'm doing here? Yes, you smarties! I am justifying something! Today it is the spending of money, some of which involved cake.

I blame it on the swimming, there's just too much time to think. I figured since I was beside Reade's I would go in and get the latest issue of Runner's World, which then lead to me to think about the fact that surely a new Jamie Oliver mag would be out by now. I had also been considering treating myself to a new cookbook, and my greedy little head was somehow able to envision Carluccios right up from Hodges Figgis and therefore tell me that I should pay a wee visit. So, in I trotted, where, after examining shelves for about 15 minutes, I came out with these lovelies.

While I couldn't quite decide what cookbook to indulge myself with (can I say that I was rather unimpressed with the stock in Hodges Figgis - for such a large store I would have thought there would be a more interesting array of offerings), I am more than happy to make do with the latest Jamie mag for the time being. It is the Italian issue, after all, and it comes with a free packet of seeds! Loving the new tweaks to the magazine, as well as the fact that it's now out once a month.
And on the cookbook front, I paid a visit to the delightful Gutter Bookshop on my way home, where I I couldn't quite make my mind up, but with the help of the lovely Lilly Higgins I have narrowed it down to one of the two Ottolenghi cookbooks. 

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