Friday, March 11, 2011

Porridge Topping Du Semaine

Passion fruit are probably up there with figs on the whole bad pun potential end of things. But I have more respect for you and, indeed, myself than to yak on about putting a bit of passion into your brekkie. I'll just give you a succinct rundown on the concoction that I put on my porridge this week. I was dubious as to the nutritional qualities of the fruit - look at them, sure what are they really other than a gathering of seeds in some brightly-coloured gloopy gunk? In fact, there is quite a lot of virtue packed within the walls of that smooth brown rind. Apparently, according to the tinternet anyhow, passion fruit are full of vitamins A and C, potassium and fibre. So judge ye not. They're not the cheapest - I bought four for €3 in Superquinn - but I guess it all depends on the serving size that you go for. It goes without saying that cracked into a serving of all four at once, but guessing that I'm in an extremely greedy minority I would suggest that half of that is sufficient to top an average-sized bowl of porridge.

See, now they look intimidatingly self-assured, don't they? Like - we are so confident in ourselves that we don't need that pretty, bright packaging that other fruit have to resort to. 

I was going to make a sort of coulis-type creation, but I didn't want to sweeten them up too much because it would all end up with manuka honey on it anyhow, so I just scooped the innards into a saucepan with some lemon juice, opted out of sugar and heated it all up for a few minutes.

They make quite the tricolour on top of the white porridge in my green bowl - maybe I should have left this one for March 17th! 

It's a lovely tangy taste, and the honey is perfectly adequate for sweetening up that sharpness. A rather exotic topping, I think anyhow, definitely worth giving it a try if you see passion fruit on sale in your local shop.

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