Friday, February 18, 2011

Porridge Topping Du Semaine

Since I have set myself the challenge of coming up with a new porridge topping every week, I've been eating fruit that ordinarily I wouldn't be bothered with. I used to eat loads of fruit, and then I realised that it is so sugary as to not necessarily be that good for you. Vegetables should comprise the majority of your five-a-day, and while fruits are obviously extremely healthy and good for you, it's best not to overdose. Breakfast tends to be the only time in the day when I tuck into some fruit, apart from fueling up on bananas after a cycle or a run, so it's lovely to try fruit that I haven't had in a while, and come up with new ways of preparing it. These ways can very often be ones that I would ordinarily associate with making dessert or cooking savoury foods. Like roasting; when I was trying to figure out how to jazz up a punnet of plums, I hit on the notion of chopping them up and popping them into the oven with some cinnamon and butter for some heat and added sweetness.

Look at those pretty colours, I love the blush around the edges as the flesh moves towards the skin.

Preparation is so so simple, and takes seconds, which is extremely important first thing in the morning when time is of the essence.

I left them in the oven for about fifteen minutes, and they came out nicely toasted and bursting with fleshy sweetness.

Can you see the steam rising?! Such a lovely way to start the day. 

After getting all manuka-ed and seed-ed up, it makes a really filling breakfast. I find that a bowl of porridge on its own, without any substantial topping, doesn't fill me as much as it seems to fill other people. When I bulk it up nicely with chunky fruit and seeds and honey, it honestly does keep me going for the morning, and when I find myself contemplating a scone around 11ish, I find that don't always have room for it. I know, crazy talk.

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