Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Porridge Topping Du Semaine

They may not be the sexiest substance around, but prunes are packed full of nutrients and life-giving essentials that make them a particularly worthy foodstuff to put on your porridge. The prunius maximus is generally considered the preserve of the elderly, given, in particular, its bowel-shifting properties, but they are also full of vitamin A and antioxidants, among other superpowers. Good enough for me, then, particularly in my ongoing mission to consume responsibly after runs, swims and cycles. Bring it on - but in a tasty fashion, please. So, how to make some wizened prunes more appealing to the palette? I decided to soak mine in orange juice and tea. Yes, tea.

I vaguely recalled reading something somewhere about soaking prunes in tea. Admittedly this was most likely some fancy tea, but I just used plain old Barrys tea.

I then decided to crack in some glugs of orange juice for good measure. There's a general lack of loveliness to the sight of this little combo, isn't there?!

But would you look at how plump those prunes have become by morning time!

The first morning that I had them, I forgot all about having to heat them up, so it was a hasty job in the saucepan that I had just cooked the porridge in, making for a hilariously unappetising sight.

Second time round...that's more like it! Clean and inviting.

Full of virtue, certainly, but in need of a little somethin-somethin...

...mais oui! What else! Perfect running fuel.

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